“Golden Slumbers”

One thought on ““Golden Slumbers””

  1. I’m glad to hear of your culinary adventurousness. Next time you may want to try Sashimi. I enjoy it since I don’t care for the variety of rice used in most sushi. Sashimi is easy to make at home. (I learned while I was stationed in the Hawaiian islands.)
    Here’s how.

    Select your fish. Traditionally, sashimi is made with Ahi (Tuna) but any fish with a firm meat will work. Obviously, fresh fish is best, but frozen Ahi steaks work fine and are easy to find at your local supermarket. (Even here in Iowa-LOL.)

    Cut the fish into bite sized chunks. (TIP: If you are using frozen fish, slice it while it is still partly frozen.)

    Fan out the sliced fish on a bed of shredded cabbage for a nice presentation. Alongside the fish, place a dab of Chinese style hot mustard in a condiment cup and a small dish of soy sauce.

    At the table, mix some soy with the mustard to create a light dipping sauce. (More or less soy to taste) Now, pick up a piece of fish, dip it and pop it into your mouth for a wonderful flavor experience. Serve with your favorite beverage.



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