“The End”

3 thoughts on ““The End””

  1. Amen, kiddos!! So glad you are home… changed in the way travel does… finding a road, a sky, a mountain…. all bigger than our selves… God is good!


  2. So glad you are all safely home. WHAT AN ADVENTURE! It has been fun for us to share it through your wonderfully written blog. Can’t wait to see you all. P.S. We haven’t stayed at one of “those “ pull string shower campgrounds for many years and I might add NONE had a shower chair “ HAHA Love You!!


  3. that’s bonkers!!! At least you had a crazy wacko moment to laugh about, but I see why you bolted outta that place as soon as you could!

    What a beautiful thought to end on- and so inspiring to get out and seek so experience beautiful things.

    I was picking up some BBQ today and the cook forgot to make the chicken tenders, which created a great opportunity to chat it up and laugh together about kids/ life/ food/ etc. It’s those weird and inconvenient moments that can open up our hearts to be available in new ways to each other. and I know you’ve had a ton of those opportunities on your journey!
    Praising God for all the loving souls he placed along your route when you needed them most.
    AND that He brought you home safe and sound!


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