“Day Tripper”

4 thoughts on ““Day Tripper””

  1. In true Raab style… you can make anything fun! I love this Lisa too. Sure hope the RV is a totally terrific upgrade! Thanks again for the pictures ❤️

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  2. Karen, how are you on this trip and writing about it at the same time!? You guys are squeezing every drop of joy out of every stop along the way…the pictures of you all with mom and dad are great and make us miss you all the more! Hurry home, be safe and may God bless you with every heavenly blessing and give you a safe journey!


  3. So amazing, every step of the way, making “ lemonade out of lemons”!!!! You guys ROCK ( in so many ways 😀) and so great that Gramma and Grumpa are there for “ in person “moral support!!!! Aaaaaaand you got to “ go back to the future too”!!!!❤️


  4. We are thrilled that you are back blogging!!! Thank you for your thoughtful essays and taking us along👵🏻👴🏻💋💋💋💋. Safe travels… and we look forward to the next installment!


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