“Come Together”

11 thoughts on ““Come Together””

  1. Whoa!! Strong and faithful and full of love and smiles😘❤️🙏🏻 You guys are amazing! Shine on!☀️


  2. Roll on Raabs! Thank for the newest installment. I pick the wrong month to give up my internet addiction. Love following you guys!

    Uncle Scott

    p.s. Aiden and Brady- did you play Sweet Home Alabama at least once?


  3. Oh my goodness!! I have tears in my eyes reading this!! Nothing can get in the way of your beautiful family’s love and dedication!!! Roll on Raabs!!!! So glad to be along for the ride!!😘😘😘😘


  4. Memories in the making! Even in the midst of some challenges you all look so happy! Continue to enjoy your God adventure! My prayers are with you wherever you go…


  5. Oh what wonderful memories you all will have thinking back on this trip. Sending hugs and safe travel prayers and say hi to Eleanor for us 🚐🚃🚍😘


  6. We are so proud of you guys! Karen… I NEVER would have driven that rig without the ugly cry 1st! Now you are in the middle of the REAL adventure! So happy you recognize God’s grace👵🏻👴🏻💋💋💋💋. What a gift😎


  7. I was so hoping it was a FTF reunion after you left a cliffhanger in the last post! 😏 So thankful you were so taken care of too and got back on the road.


  8. WOW! Indeed you are strong and courageous to endure all this! Karen- 👊🙌!!
    Joe I can tell what a special time it was to reunite with those guys 😃
    What a great horseback riding adventure for the boys!


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