“One and One Is Two”

9 thoughts on ““One and One Is Two””

  1. We love the smiles, peace and joy! Can’t believe it has been less than two days! Roll on Raabs!😘❤️


  2. Go big or go home! Loving these pictures! Our prayers are with you as you set of on your grand adventure!


  3. Sherman’s tip The best plan is to not have a plan ….HAHAHA The Rabbs without a plan, Sherman didn’t know who he was talking to!! Love the pics!


  4. We are so jealous… RVing is the best experience😎. You guys must be a distant relative… we spent our first nite in a Burger King parking lot… instead of a thunderstorm and a waterfall… we hear d “Welcome to Burger King.. May I take your order?” We are writing down your tips. Sherman’s tip was what we followed when our plans began to fall apart😎. We love you guys…drive carefully👵🏻👴🏻💋💋💋💋


  5. Roanoke!! My old “ stomping grounds “!!! I don’t remember any friends named Sherman, but wouldn’t it have been funny if I’d known him??😂Beautiful setting!! Off to an awesome start!! So happy to go with you, if only digitally!!!


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