“Eleanor Rig-by”

6 thoughts on ““Eleanor Rig-by””

    1. Awww – so fun guys! Super Cool. We did a local RV rental a few years back — you are making me want to try this for next year!
      Super cool!


  1. Sounds like a typical start! Those are the things memories are made of! You need a jug of Home Defense for the 6 and 8 legged terrorists you will undoubtedly meet along your journey. I wish you fair winds and calm seas. The business arrows and quivers. That is what happens when Karen told to turn and you did not arrows in your right side! The quiver is when you realize you have turn this monster around! Speed dial, huh, I can’t get you guys to return my calls!! Rest assured I will be there for you! Be safe! Love you, Uncle Bill


  2. Ah …. yes….adapting. We found RV ing is a lesson in humility! Yet… we have the best memories❤️ Like the time the pop out popped out and then wouldn’t pop in!!! Thanks for the blog and taking us along!


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