“Tomorrow Never Knows”

3 thoughts on ““Tomorrow Never Knows””

  1. “ Great is your faithfulness “……so true, you guys! It may not be the trip you imagined, but in so many ways, it’s even better. You are teaching your sons how important it is to be flexible, hang tough, work together, and make the best out of every situation!! “ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”!!!!😂❤️

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  2. These pictures remind me of all unexpected blessings that make RVing like nothing else! So happy you guys are safe and enjoying your time together…Joe….YUM!!!


  3. Although I am a poor poet and I have the musical talent of a fountain pen, my thoughts brought this to mind tonight.
    (To the tune of The Ballad of Jed Clampett.)

    Come and listen to the story of a man named Joe,
    He worked real hard as he watched his family grow.

    Then one day as he was shooting for the moon,
    everyone said “You’re as crazy as a loon.”

    Nuts, that is. Looney tunes.

    He took them in an RV to travel through the land,
    and every family member, stepped in to lend a hand.

    During the vacation, they laughed and they cried,
    but always through their trials, the Lord was by their side.

    Loving them, that is. Blessing them.

    They learned and they loved, and they were strengthened by the ride,
    and the family stands, as always side by side.

    Join in their adventure as they love, learn and grow,
    And the Lord will give blessings to you and yours, I know.

    Feel free to add verses or finish the song. Collaborative efforts yield the best results unless your name is Mozart, which mine isn’t. LOL.

    Waltzing Matilda and I say hi and wish for you fair winds, following seas and may you never sail afoul the current.

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