“Hello Goodbye”

9 thoughts on ““Hello Goodbye””

  1. OMG! There are no emojis for this! We must confess…we were roaring!! We’re so proud of how well you guys worked this out. … and glad you are all together👵🏻👴🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. We hope things evolve that you will find another RV to rent and continue your adventure…keep on keepin on!!!

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  2. OMG.,…..OMG………OMG……. you guys are AMAAAAAZING Troopers!!!!! What an experience!!!!! We are holding our breath for you!!!! Sending BIG BIG hugs to you all!!!!!!❤️

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  3. My head is spinning! So glad you made it to Vegas! I hope you get at least a couple days to relax and recover! Happy 50th Anniversary to your parents! Much love and prayers!



  4. “How I spent my summer vacation”, “You can’t make this stuff up”. 😜😜 So glad your all ok. So I’m thinking next summer might just be a trip to the beach, Ha!


  5. What a trp! Paul (apostle) himself would be proud of your positive persistence and keeping it fun for the kids! And all the provision you have! Way to go and keep going/having fun!

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  6. You guys are AMAZING! what a Christ-like example you have been to your boys! They will never forget this trip and the lessons they’re learning along the way are priceless! We are all praying! Love you all❤

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  7. Oh Karen!!!!! 😢😔 you’ve Been through it all.
    What a hard series of events here.
    👊 you did it! You’re doing it ! making it through with God by your side the whole way.
    AND! You’re singing through the mess.


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